Designed by Jérémie Paré-Julien,

The HIZEN Traveling Tumbler was launched in February 2021.

Now on sale at the kouraku.kiln online shop.

Traveling tumbler

Hizen x Jérémie Paré-Julien


Originally from Canada, Jérémie Paré-Julien is a ceramist at kouraku kiln in Arita. 
Fascinated by the history of Hizen, the beauty of Arita porcelain and 
the richness of Japanese nature, she wanted to share this with others. 
In order to convey the history and culture of Hizen she designed a porcelain tumbler
in collaboration with Kouraku kiln.
The five designs express her interpretation of some of the historical Japanese Hizen patterns.

 Traveling Tumbler's  design concept
    Tumblers that travel all over the world.
    Share photos of your tumblers on the road, or at your local coffee shop.
    Show us your world and where you live. Use the Tumbler as an excuse to go on an adventure.
    Designed to share history and culture all the while reducing consumption of single-use cups. The traveling Tumbler series is a unique way to spread knowledge and beauty on a functional object.

    Easy access to SNS
    QR code on the bottom of the tumbler gives you easy access to the official Instagram of "Traveling Tumbler"
    Follow and join in the traveling tumblers adventures with #travelingtumbler 

    The 5 Hizen designs

    Five designs inspired from the History of Hizen

    Traveling Tumbler

    Karatsu & Takeo / Arita / Imari / Hirado & Mikawachi / Hasami & Yoshida

    Product size: Diameter approx. 8.5 cm x Height approx. 13 cm 

     300 ml (convenience store coffee M size)

    Material: Cup, Porcelain. Lid, Silicon

    Retail price: ¥ 2,700 + consumption tax

    * Shipping will begin in mid-February in 2021.

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